Saturday, May 17, 2008

Popping the metaphorical "Cherry"

So here it is, did you find what you expected? The hollow thoughts of me, your beloved and (in)famous host.  I don't know what to write, only that I have something to say, and I think this is the best way to say it; I do not know what I am going to say, my thoughts are often so depraved that I hope this blog can simply remain private to me, and on the off chance one of my few and fetching friends, they are already aware of the concept driving my ideas, and as such do not care, but i'm must digress, i don't think my friends are (god bless their souls) altogether literate.  So I guess that brings me to the big question: Why start a blog?  If i don not want people to read my posts, why not keep a diary?  Counterpoint: I guess some part of me wants to be heard, instead of simply being shunned by the shadows of society. So if you do find me, and you don't feel so humiliated by looking at my personal ideals, perhaps you can share with me why and HOW you found my enclave of lies and deceit?

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