Sunday, May 18, 2008

Oh Crank Caller, Where art thou?

things that can liven up any party after it has reached and past it's prime:

Chocolate milk - yes it is that good old standard, for when the bottle runs dry and you can't raid your buddy's fridge anymore('cause at 0300h the only thing open is 7/11 and the only thing your stomach will handle at the moment is the delicious, delectable taste of the divine chocolate bliss.)

7/11 - yes that convenience store down the street is just the thing your tired and passed out friends need, it's like the loving mother that will always be there for you, no matter how much you screwed up(plus if you are epic enough you might score yourself a nice 1/2 off slurpee from the nice cashier named jack.)

Jolt - the famous or as my mother would argue infamous energy drink, because as we all know, teens have don't have enough energy as is.

Random 16 Year Old Crank Caller - this is the juggernaut, the "deus ex machina" of parties, she can wake you up simply by random selection of your phone number out of the sea of millions, and with simply the sound of her female voice those hormones now resting comfortably in your brain will burst into life and Bam! party starts all over again(there are only 3 things that can do that: CHUCK NORRIS, women, and an all-nite pizza delivery service.)

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