Monday, June 30, 2008


Now before you ask, no I am not dead(but from the heat, you could argue otherwise); I have been on a "vacation" of sorts, not that it was entirely relaxing

I went to Victoria, specifically CFB Belmont Park, and let me tell you a few things about it:

  • there is a CANEX, this means that there is always good, cheap junk-food a minute away.
  • there is fast food restaurants EVERYWHERE
  • OMG T3H COUG4Z WIL GET U(In english: my friend Chris is scared of NOCTURNAL animals and wont let me out of the house past 6 p.m.
So you can see that I might have a fun, if a little strange, holiday

We also saw "You Don't Mess With the Zohan", it was a very funny movie, go watch it, now, i'll wait.

You back? Good, did you like it? You did? Good

I also had mini melts, these are REALLY COLD bits of ice cream, they are good

(and no, this Green Day article title was not intentional, I wrote it THEN realized it was a song, and no, i don't care.)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

She's a Rebel

Why is it that people love being so rebellious?  Now I'm not saying that we should all conform into one boring state of submissive monotony, but really, is it so difficult to simply DO WHAT YOU ARE TOLD?

Is it really that important, that you have to wank your ego off so fervently by acting all macho tough rebel that you come off as a immature prick machismo dweeb?  I think that we all need a slap in the face, for our own good, from the mighty hand of humility

Sunday, June 8, 2008

welcome to paradise

Have you ever wondered what my idea of paradise is?  Obviously not, to this date, no one has asked me what makes me happy, and I'm thankful. Ask yourself what make YOU happy.  There are many things that makes people happy, some get off on others suffering, some on bringing love into others lives, spreading cheer like a contagious bug, others seem to pull happiness from the air, these people can sometimes do it to such an extent that they are always so ecstatic, that it drives those sharing space wit them over the edge of reason and into a state of feral "shut the hell up" rage...

What? haven't you ever gotten a teensy little bit irritated when buddy just is riding rainbows, and seems to think everyone else, by default, also is?