Monday, November 9, 2009


Redundant writing

never more obvious than

artsy reviewers

"the most Compelling haiku i have read this year" Haiku Fred - World Poetry Weekly

"Compelling" Amelia Cshanis - POETRY!

"Riveting" Philip McKraken - Singapore Sling

"the most haiku I have ever read this year" - Tony

"…The… of… compelling…" TIMEly Magezine

My latest Haiku -Haiku: a haiku by Mike Styles (with help from Kira Nolan) is a haiku about the frequent redundancy in reviews, in it we see a scene, a scene of a sea of snobs and shitty writing, all capped by the compelling final line "Artsy reviewers" -Haiku: a haiku by Mike Styles (with help from Kira Nolan) - Mike Styles (assistance from Kira Nolan) paints a picture of reviewers using pseudo intellectual catch words to compel their readers into docile acceptance of thei-

NO! STOP! ARRÉT! HALTEN! I cant do it!

I'm sorry; this article was supposed to be a satire about a common trend i have noticed in the reviewing and critic community, one which I am at odds with, the exhausting use of pseudo-smart lingo to keep readers lulled into a sense of snobbish pretentiousness, so that they might gain a overstuffed sense of self worth and continue to watch Michael Ba- EHEM view the reviewers works. NOW, I view this as a major problem as it promotes douche-bagged behavior (as well as the continuation of Megan fox's career as an [Mainstream] Actress) and the dumbing down of real reviews into broader douche-reviews, a new species of review, and a member of the greater problem, a plague upon our society, and a growing trend, one we can stop; YOU CAN HELP!

The problem is called Polybiabolicredundanicadicitis, and you can help stop it; all you need to do to protect yourself is go out to your nearest library, grab a dictionary, and read; thats all, no special secret, just education. It's a simple problem really, the masses level of education is declining, and as such, we are becoming less and less able to deal with verbose terminology, such as reviews containing new and unique perspectives and more over, ones that express them without using the words compelling, riveting, or Theatrical.

This public service announcement has been brought to you by the MASTER, RACE (the Mike [Awesome] Styles Team of Educated Reformers & Riviting Association of Clever Educationists)

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